At the Zoo and Shopping
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I absolutely hate zoo pictures. I have an ignoble distain for them. Firstly, because photographing a lion in a cage smacks of fraud and secondly because nobody wants to look at the picture of the lion once they get home. Taking a camera to the zoo is usually just a Bad Idea. This in mind, when Linda and I went to the Zoo on Saturday, I didn't take any pictures of animals. Cute as that little meerkeet was. The print of the above image is a lot better than the scan -- alothough I had the scanner set to "clean" it's still innundated with little bits of dust and whatnot. I think the 1 hour lab lays my film in a solution of plaster and water for 10 minutes immediately before drying it, there's crud all over the neg. I think some of what comes off as "crazy bokeh" was actually the digital ICE cleaning the image up.

After the zoo,  we drove our little yuppie butts to the Fresh Grocier and bought some shitaki mushrooms. I'd much rather see photos of people grocery shopping than at the zoo.

Not sure if I like this zoo shot better, but I think not.

Then Monday I photographed Emily at work. I probably could have done with a reflector.

In case anybody's wondering, this was a 24 exposure roll of film that my local 1 hour lab gave me, no special developing, I scanned the negs w/ the default settings on Vuescan. Rarely shooting color film, I was kind of struck by the results. They're not bad. The lens was a .....

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