At Home
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Although we went to a wedding this Sunday, Linda and I stayed home most of the weeked. I'm fascinated by studio photography lately. The ability to light something really incredibly will always be beyond me, but the ability to light something adequately is something I think I've acquired, and the impetus now is to be able to put interesting things in front of the camera. There's not much difference, technically, between a Sears portrait and Andreas Seranno's corpses other than Andreas was thinking outside the box (ahem). Not that I want to photograph corpses, but I like the idea of taking advertising ideas and transferring them to the art world. Some studio photographer a couple years back was lamenting the new studio idea, "Stick a couple of softboxes in front of it," which stuck with me. Are softboxes cheating? Hell, who cares. It's easy.

Outside, on the sidewalk, there was a an ant war of epic proport. We watched for an hour as the battle raged, from the north to the south, there was terrible violence. I tried using some vivitar close-up filters on the coolpix but they produced really terrible images. I need to somehow augment my macro setup. I'm thinking of trying to score some old Bausch & Lombe microscope from a moving med student.....

After a couple minutes some local myrmecologists came by and we watched the pitched battle together. Chang said "Let's kill them." I said "Let's not hurt them, it looks like they have enough problems of their own." Chang said, "It's okay to hurt them, they're small." Eventually I talked them out of acts of violence. We watched. We are, after all, scientists.

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