Photography is about lies just as much as it is about the truth. We use photography to tell partial truths and thereby to create an imaginary reality. Sure models look like that, but they look like that for 1/125th of a second, and sometimes after two hours of makeup. Sure the landscape looks like that, but only if you stand in a particular place. Sure she was floating three feet in the air, but not for a terribly long time.

The lies of photography are also lies about ourselves. The life of any artist is a balancing act between being recognizable and being stereotyped. You struggle for years to get people to remember your name and almost overnight people seem to be thumb-tacking you to one particular style of work. Some of this success is its own curse. But you look back, realize that you've done much that is good and you move on to something else. This show represents a collection of print work from the last two years that has (with very few exceptions) never seen the inside of a gallery. It's good to see them all together.

In a world where truth can be so discouraging, we all like to be lied to a little about the way that things could be.

I'd like to thank Dancing Ferret Records, the Dresden Dolls, Brainclaw, Gothic Beauty Magazine, and the Sol Gallery in particular for believing that my particular madness could sell their products.

Kyle Cassidy

July 2006