July 30th 2020

Cat clinging to a window screen wanting to come in.
Photo by Katie Gressitt-Diaz

Stabatha is a stray cat in West Philly who wants to live with a person. 

Want to adopt this cat? OF COURSE YOU DO. You can put in an application at City Kitties here.

Check on Stabatha's IndieGoGo campaign here.

Check out the gallery of images people have painted of her here.

Reference photos of her can be found here.

If you'd like to draw Stabatha please email me here first, send a bio and portfolio and do not start work until you've gotten paid. Artists getting paid and artists not working for free is the most important thing. I'm keeping a list of artists and I'll distribute the funds we have left from that list as/if money comes in. I'm specifically looking for artists who are currently out of work and could use the job rather than necessarily the best artists. Also specifically looking for more BIPOC, POC and LGBTQ artists.

Sadly there's only one Stabatha, but there are stray cats in your neighborhood who need homes. If you can't adopt Stabs, adopt a cat or dog or chicken from your local area.