Images from the series
Veronique is Visiting From Paris

(12 post cards in presentation wrapping)

Story by two-time Hugo Award winner Elizabeth Bear, images by Kyle Cassidy

"Veronique is visting from Paris. She is unlike the other house guests in the extreme."

So begins a story of time travel, levitation, and madness told through the crossed wits of novelist Elizabeth Bear and photographer Kyle Cassidy, who take you on an adventure across a series of twelve post cards, each with a compelling image and another chapter in the story of the enigmatic Veronique and her bewildered friends Jess and Eugene. (Read more about it here.)

You can hoard all 12 cards and the whole story for yourself, or you can mail them out individually.

            "This is one of the coolest, most beautiful things I've ever seen." -- Wil Wheaton

            "... a beautiful and mysterious collaboration between two hugely gifted artists.... A total enchantment." -- Peter Straub

wrapped and unwrapped