war paint


United States Navy Special Operations
Tattoos by Kiern Smith
Superfly Tattoo, San Diego, CA
4 years

On my right arm it says EXSOLVERE on my left arm it says INCOLUMIS. Both are Latin words. "Exsolvere" loosely translated means deliver to and "incolumis" means to save from. Exsolvere on my right arm, my shooting arm -- hopefully delivering the bad guys to wherever they need to go and my left arm, incolumis, to save from if any of my boys go down and I need to get them out, I pull them out with my left arm and still be able to deliver with my right.

I got these both at the same time. For anyone familiar with what I'm doing it was right after hell week and I knew I was going to complete the training that I was in. It was a very special moment and the beginning of an entirely different new life.

The Navy has been an enjoyable four years so far and I'm re-enlisting this summer and looking forward to kicking ass for an additional four more.