war paint


173rd Airborne Brigade
United States Army

I was drunk. I had just graduated from jump school. I was like "Look, I'm a tough guy, I became a paratrooper."

I actually wanted him to put it down a little lower, but since I was drunk I think I pointed to the wrong spot on my arm ... I'd love to get
another one right now, but I take Clavex which causes you to bleed, so I can't get another one.

I have two tattoos by Sailor Eddy  -- you can tell because of the two stars. In the old days they used to put there mark on their work -- somebody else might draw a little swirl or something like that, and that would be, you know, Joe Blow, but Sailor Eddie was in Camden, on Broadway. He's dead now -- this was forty years ago.

[continued and close ups]