war paint



[About Vietnam] I remember the guys mostly. Most of all the other stuff is gone. I was drafted, I was only in for two years and in Vietnam for  12 months. I could tell you a hundred stories about back then -- but mostly we lived for one another -- that's what it's all about. It got to the point where we didn't care about anything. We didn't care about the war -- we knew they weren't fighting it right. We only cared about each other. It was "I'll save your ass, you save my ass, and we'll get back to the World." It's funny how that happens -- it took about six months. When we went over there, we were gung-ho: We're America, and we're going to kill everybody ... and it changes when you get over there -- it's only "I'm looking after you, you're looking after me -- we're getting home." That's what it became, and I'm sure that's what it is in Iraq right now. They're looking out after each other to get home.


[continued and close ups]